Charlotte Roederer

Illustrator and graphic designer, Charlotte Roederer has illustrated numerous albums for Nathan, Gallimard, Flammarion, Tourbillon and Bayard, Albin Michel.... she re-enterd her favorite universe, childhood, by creating books for children. She draws inspiration from everything she sees and hears, from nature, from everyday life, as well as from her experience as a mother, children, young and old.Books, films, exhibitions, music, the creativity of humans fascinates her more and more.

Petit Cœur, A large starry sky, a funny house, a tender and poetic text composed in 2 voices and 4 hands by Charlotte Roederer and Clémentine du Pontavice to address the miracle of life. A poetic journey, delicate illustrations, a myriad of pretty words...

Petit Coeur exhibition, from May 23 to June 20, 2019, at the Parisian manufacture

Petit Cœur is a project that has been brewing in Charlotte’s notebooks for years. At first there was an idea, then words and drawings mingled, and finally I put together a small model of the unfolding of the book.

It took an editor to see this mini-book in Montreuil for the project to see the light of day.

 So Charlotte starts writing again, in more detail, trying to evoke the rhythm of a heart beat. And invites Clémentine du Pontavice to join her on writing.

Clémentine knew her project well, on my side Charlotte knew her writing work well, which she has loved for a long time, in particular her songs, in which Clémentine plays with the sonorities of the words and also the rhythm of the sentences.

So the two authors chiseled the words, weighed the sentences with four hands, two brains, two hearts. This co-writing allows Charlotte to get closer to her little inner music.

With this book Charlotte makes us travel from the very near to the very far, from night to light, from the intimate to the outside, from the very small to the immensity, from the visible to the invisible, with as backbone breath, the pulsation of the heart, life, infinity.

Over the pages, it metaphorically traces the path of the cell towards the star according to a de-zoomage process to journey from the very small to the infinitely large.

The presence of a small character allows the reader to identify himself.

It is gradually guessed in the womb of his mother, inviting readers to «listen» to the multiplicity of heartbeats.

Working in black and white plus one color, Chalotte came out of my comfort zone. It installs a real pause time for the player, another rhythm.

Petit Cœur tells the arrival of a little love on earth, the love shared in a family full of beating hearts waiting for their arrival. A story to be read as a small jingle thanks to the simplicity and poetry of a text composed with two voices by Charlotte Roederer and Clémentine du Pontavice at Nathan Jeunesse.

Charlotte likes to tell that ideas often visit her at night in her sleep. She’s got little papers, notebooks nearby to note them in the dark.When she wakes up, she discovers all the odd phrases, but the ideas are often interesting.

After a visit to the applied arts of Lyon and the University of Art History Charlotte Roederer entered the decorative arts of Strasbourg in the very dynamic studio of Claude Lapointe... Born in Villefranche-sur-Saône, she lives and works in Paris.

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