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Le sel de la vie, LéA Hoche

At the beginning, a textile design project, started at the Ateliers de Sèvres, where LéA reinterprets the stripes of the beach huts, and creates a deconstructed shirt. But she quickly escapes it and her design takes shape on paper. She draws with a loose and joyful hand. She explores her inner world and captures sensations. Here LéA does not draw photographic portraits, she draws us as she feels us: our blurred faces, our joys, our inner feelings... — Currently at la manufacture parisienne, Montmartre, Paris

le sel de la vie

Solo Show of the young artist LéA Hoche
« There is a form of lightness and grace in the simple fact of existing,
beyond occupations, beyond strong feelings, beyond engagements,
this little extra given to all of us, the spice of life ! »
Françoise Héritier
Imagine. Watch. Share.
See You September 23 !
{ Herveline x Léa x Madeleine x Isa }

roses of may

Paris is a party! Place des Vosges, the terraces are blooming, tinted with Bulgarian rose and geranium,
the beautiful days will coming back, nourished by a common ideal, of sharing, well-being and beauty...

# black & white

Ultra graphic, chic, timeless... We revisit the black & white look, in a spirit that is both raw and minimalist.
We free ourselves from the usual codes and mix raw earth, watercolours and beautiful materials.
  • Bottle 03


    Price €70.00
    A collection of porcelain or sandstone bottles, designed as sculptures or small architectures. they may also be used as soliflores. size. h. 26...
  • Karusel

    Sculpture in chamotte stoneware

    Price €720.00
    Sculpture in raw sandstone, enamelled inside dimension. h.28 w. 18 d. 12 cm Delivery. Each piece is produced on demand and reproducible in a...
  • dessin 03

    Watercolor on paper

    Price €220.00
    Dessin 03, Natali Vodegel From the series "Formal Nature technique. watercolor on paper size. 24 x 32 cm Original work / unique piece (don't...
  • H10 Chair

    Adult chair

    Price €199.00
    Designed by Margaux Keller, its name H10 comes from the beech wood of the Aube department (10) where it is made. It is a chair with a unique...

Still dreaming

Portraits of Cities, a series of photographic books, an object of happiness for traveling souls.
  • Addis Ababa

    Photographic book

    Price €20.00
    Portraits de Villes by Guillaume Bonn Photography book Size: 13 x 21cm 64 pages Language. English, French Made in France Originally...
  • asmara

    Photographic book

    Price €20.00
    Portraits de Villes by Marco Barbon Photography book Size: 13 x 21cm, 64 pages Language. English, French Made in France Originally published in...
  • Athènes

    Photographic book

    Price €20.00
    portraits de Villes by Evangelia Kranioti photography book size13 x 21cm 64 pages language. french, greek made in France originally published in...
  • Beyrouth

    Photographic book

    Price €20.00
    portraits de Villes by Thierry Lebraly photography book size. 13 x 21cm, 64 pages language.  english / french made in France originally...


When attitudes become form *

— Here everything is alchemy, a subtle balance is played between the selected pieces, we like to open perspectives, show the work of the artists, ceramists and designers we love, collaborate on new projects, create new combinations and renew creative pleasures. The Parisians are illustrators, artistic directors, painters, interior decorators, dressmakers, editors, designers, embroiderers, singers, writers. They cluck, wrinkle, bend, draw, assemble, darken miles of life in pink and have the vertigo of the white page constantly renewed. Their talents are plural and unique, singular and multiple. With them, life is so much prettier… * Harald Szeemann at the Bern Kunsthalle in 1969

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