Émilie Marc

In her Atelier, Émilie creates, paints et manufactures entirely by hand diverse objects. Her work stands at the crossroads of decorative arts, visual arts and craftsmanship.

Fenêtres avec vue, Émilie Marc  

A series that started last spring ( 2020, lockdown#1) for which Émilie explores the notion of framework, this limit that sanctualizes the work and that only needs to be deconstructed. Here the frame, painted, became a plastic object in its own right. The space of the painting then becomes both decoration and illusion. Émilie’s windows open onto a lush, dreamy, stylised nature, and painting becomes a setting, and the illusion of an opening to the outside becomes possible…— Currently at La manufacture parisienne, Montmartre, Paris

Making a minaudière or a bracelet a work of art to wear, painting a painting or a box, Émilie is distinguished by a practice on the border of Fine Arts, Decorative Arts and Applied Arts. Her work is the result of an eclectic journey. Coming from a school of contemporary art, she created performances and installations and collaborated on various scenographic projects, before devoting herself fully to painting and the creation of objects.

Her inspiration comes from the world around her and in particular from nature and painting itself. It is in nature that she plunges and is inspired by details, sensations and emotions. And it is undoubtedly in this search to transcribe the essence of it that Emilie bases her formal work.

Pushing the walls

It is by painting clouds that Emilie wanted to extend herself on the walls. The painting then becomes a decoration and the illusion of an opening on the outside may be possible. It’s like pushing back walls and opening windows…

The frame and the window

Emilie does not reproduce nature. She dreams it. She paints a certain pictorial vision of the outside and create trompe-l'oeil sometimes naive, never really realistic. In her paintings, her framing, her boxes, her windows, her frescoes… she proposes a vision of natural landscapes.  

The objects  

Whether she creates a painted work, a bracelet, or a minaudière, Émilie always associates a formal and plastic research (material, painting, pattern, etc.). Her creations are unique pieces that highlight different woods. The bracelets, minaudières, boxes and other objects from the workshop connect the minimal register to that of romanticism, in an always contemporary spirit. The wooden objects come from French producers and artisans, then worked entirely by hand in her workshop in Paris.


Émilie particularly enjoys working with wood and is working on a new project to create painted wooden objects in collaboration with a carpenter.Émilie lives and works in Paris.

Available Artwork - unique pieces and Painting

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